Music Producer OJB informs that he was abandoned by colleagues and industry friends who he had relied on when his daughter was diagnosed of having a hole in her heart. The producers who worked closely with Tuface on his break out album and several other artiste with commercially successful album couldn’t find one of his friend to give him a loan for the $47,000 surgery for his daughter. He then decided to sell landed property and his stocks/shares which in total wasn’t enough for the surgery and he eventually turned to the Kanu Heart foundation and an agreement was reached.
His daughter, Alice nerve survived as she died in her sleep.

His experience while soliciting from financial support from friends was disheartening: ‘I should be able to raise it easily, you now find out that’s when phones go off and numbers become unavailable.’ ‘You are not getting the picture, no one did [stood by him], Person you look at and presume he has 100 million naira and [giving] 10,000 dollars would be nothing. You’ll be surprised that’s when phones will go off, that’s when phones will stop working. That’s when the networks go like ‘hello, hello; hello, I dey hear you, oh! I no dey hear you again’ but I was surprised when she died everyone came to me and said ‘accept my condolence’ [from] the same [phone] numbers that didn’t go through’. He added.

He apparently doesn’t hold Don Jazzy in high regard. When asked if he would place Don Jazzy as Nigeria’s top producer, he said no and made a joke at him: ‘I’m sure if you ask him who’s your top 3 [producers]? He’ll say Terry G, Terry G, Terry G. ‘ and he would want Don jazzy to ‘come and pay homage [to him], simple’