Cyber bullying doesn’t seem like it would stop any time soon, as celebrities are been bullied on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, some celebrities have been standing for each other when been bullied on social media. Hardly a day goes by that there is no bullying taking place, and some Celebs seem to be use to it already.

In a recent interview, popular comedian, Okey Bakassi isn’t buying any of this bullying at all and he has taken his time to speak out his mind.

The comedian disclosed that he wouldn’t bring himself down to respond to any bully who is below him in age and status, but if other wise, then there would be a problem.

As for Okey, he does not display his family to the public often and he has warned bullies to face him directly and exclude his family from any form of bulling as he wouldn’t stand for any.

In his words: “Don’t touch my family (wife and children). If you face Okey as a person, no problem with that, I can handle that because it is about me. But when you begin to touch my wife on social media; one, I would not engage you because one thing I look at is the caliber of the person that said such. If you are not above me, even if you are my mate, I will not answer you. But if you are above, that means I have a bigger surface to punch. For me, those are the two rules of engagement. If you decide to touch family and you are smaller, if you engage a smaller person on social media, which means you are playing into the arena where he wants you. I am not going to go into that, I am going to wait for you face-to-face. I wouldn’t know the dimension he would take when we finally meet but I would rather sort it out one on one with you.”