MULTI-TALENTED entertainer, Okey Bakassi who was recently appointed Executive Assistant to Governor Ikedi Ohakim on entertainment may inadvertently be heading for a collision course with one of the strongest forces in the Ohakim administration.

This is based on his recent acquaintance with one of the hottest chick in the Imo Government House. The girl in question happens to be the top aide of the Imo State Deputy Governor, Mrs Ada Okwuonu. Some busy bodies who would never mind their business penultimate weekend, during the Imo Elders’ Forum at the Concorde hotel, alleged that it appears the handsome comedian may have a few hot things on the beautiful and street-smart personal assistant to the Deputy Governor.

Their gist was not quite convincing but by the time Trend’tainment hit Concorde hotel, the event was already over and Okey Bakassi was sighted when the Deputy Governor was being walked to her official car. Trend’tainment saw Mr. Bakassi pulling up the rear with the chick of the moment, who recently doled out a cash gift of $1000 to a campus Rotract club, discussing in hushed tones. Trend’tainment can authoritatively tell you that the chick in question is way out of Bakassi’s league as she is speculated to be a ‘good friend’ of one of the most powerful royal fathers in the entire South East and is a major power broker in the Ohakim administration who Mr. Bakassi cannot contend with. The man in question has seen several years in the right hand side of governors as the king of a popular community on top of a hill and with the clout to render Bakassi’s new portfolio irrelevant because as he has done in the previous administration. Some fans of Bakassi who spoke to Trend’tainment advised him to steer clear of the girl as it is yet too early in the day to court trouble. Be that as it may, somebody should tell the comedian that this is no joke. “This na temptation, with a little confusion”. Some of these people do not play by the books, so whatever you do Mr. Bakassi, “Look ground well well!”