ALEX Okoroji, daughter of Tony Okoroji, has a big dream that one can’t but help wonder if it will / ever become a reality. While Okoroji the father is in the news for his role in the re turn of the Nigerian Music Awards, Okoroji the daughter is making headlines with her alleged romantic liaisons with popular artiste, Olu Maintain and Ruggedman. While the main reason she should be making the news is because of her fledgling acting career, it is no secret that she’s yet to really hit the top in that chosen field of hers.

But while she isn’t even yet a force to reckon with in Nollywood, Alex is already dreaming beyond Nollywood to the movie capital of the world, Hollywood. According to her, she wants to be the next James Bond girl. That is, she dreams to co-star in the next James Bond movie after the present one, Quantum Of Solace, as James Bond’s ally girlfriend against his numerous enemies. Bond girl roles are a big-time endorsement of an actress’s career and are highly competed for. If Alex can win the role, she would have achieved what can be described as an impossibility for a Nigeria-based movie actress. The question is: can she?