Tonto Dikeh marriage to the nephew of OBJ, Olakunle Churchill is allegedly still facing troubles as they have not been able resolve their differences.

So many fans had been pleading with the actress to let go of whatever grievances she is nursing and work on her marriage before another woman snicks in to take over her home.

While many were still hopeful that things would get better between the couple soon, a bombshell was dropped today.

For 11 months Tonto Dikeh has been hiding the face of her little cutie while waiting for the right and appropriate time to unveil his face, but her husband, Olakunle squashed her efforts.

In what many think might be a spite as the couple is allegedly on longer head, Olakunle unveiled the face of their baby to wish him an happy 11 months.

Tonto who celebrated their son via social media earlier than the husband, made use of her pregnancy photo unknown to her that her husband would reveal the face of their baby.

This act of his we think is deliberate and might also mean more fuel to the feud on ground already. But then, we hope the once happy couple can work on their marriage and make it strong again.

Meanwhile, Fans of the actress, has also been attacking him for acting so immaturely just to spite the actress who might have her reasons for hiding her child’s face.