•Olasco to market Return of Jenifa
•I’ll be an ingrate to give the movie to another marketer, she says

It’s been all over the papers that star actress, Funke Akindele and Alhaji Ola Balogun, the man behind Olasco Films and Records, marketer of Jenifa Parts 1 and 2 are at loggerheads and flexing muscle over what some people have decided to call Jenifa Part 3. The news is that Funke is working on the film and is planning to give it to another marketer, a development the boss of Olasco was said not to find too funny.

In a chat with ShowbizNow, Funke Akindele confirmed working on a movie with Jenifa character but not a sequel to Jenifa Part Two. This was her response when we spoke with her on phone: “To start with, I am not doing any Part Three of Jenifa. I am done with that movie.

I am only working on the character Jenifa. I discovered that a lot of people love that character and I am working on bringing it back on screen with what we call ‘Return of Jenifa’. What we are doing now with my new management team is to turn Jenifa into a big franchise like Tyler Perry is doing with Madea. So what we are working on is Return of Jenifa. People will see a lot of Jenifa stuffs. Something like Jenifa slippers, shirts, undies and a whole lot of other things. We have already registered the copyright and my lawyers are working on those using Jenifa to market products without our consent.”

Speaking further, Funke says Olasco will still market the movie. “Olasco will still market the Return of Jenifa. I will be an ingrate to give the movie to another person. He did well with the first one and he is a perfect gentleman, so why should I give the movie to another person? If I tell him to bring money that we are ready for another Jenifa, I know he will. I don’t have any problem with Olasco. We are still doing business together.”