Olatoya Abdullahi, the university drop-out windscreen cleaner who wears suit for work has become an overnight celebrity. He has been featured on CNN and has also  gotten a job as a style doctor in Uche Nnaji ‘s cloth company, OUCH.

CNN has asked when they saw Olatoya “Is this the world’s best dressed squeegee man?” Fortune has smiled on Olatoya whose grace to grace story happened due to a picture that went viral on the social media. It was a  photographer, Daniel Sync,  who had shared the pictures of Olatoya on the internet.

When Olatoya spoke with CNN, Olatoyan he said “I didn’t want to be wandering the streets doing nothing” he said, and asked why he chose to dress up for the job, he said he wanted people to know that he was ‘serious about his work’.

Uche has this Style Doctor job for him which will help him achieve his dreams.  “I have a team of young people that I call style doctors. When I saw him I thought this person is someone that likes looking good and can style others.” Uche said “I saw attitude in him and thought if this man is doing this just to go and wash cars, he is someone that will work with a different mindset even if he’s doing the least popular job in the company.”