Yahoozee crooner, Olu Maintain is still the man of the moment.

He is unarguably one of the reigning musicians in the country and his hit track, Yahoozee, is still like a national anthem.

As a star, he has been linked with a lot of ladies though he has denied them at every occasion. Yet it would seem that ladies find Olu irresistible.

In Lagos last Saturday, Olu walked into a show with a damsel who happened to be a foreigner.

All eyes were on them and, trust busybodies, they nearly tore themselves apart trying to find out who the oyinbo chick was.

While some argued that the lady was his babe, others insisted she was his manager. And the wrangling continued until the two were seated.

The oyinbo sure was cool. As Olu performed on stage, the babe danced gleeefully in support of her man.