Former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is set to make his acting debut in a Nollywood comedy series titled, “Dele Issues”.’


His featured scene will be released in a special episode of the series on the 14th,October 2017.

“Dele Issues” is a Comedy series written by popular comedy actor, Samuel Ajibola, who featured as “Spiff” in the sitcom, “The Johnsons”.

According to the actor, the special episode would be a tipping point for the web series and is set to reveal a different side of the former president to the world.

He said, “I can confidently say that on the 14th of October on my YouTube channel (just search ‘Samuel Ajibola TV” and you will see it) I would be posting the #Deleissues (special edition) skit by 12 pm.”

The web series, Dele Issues (Daily Issues), revolves around the main character Dele, who always takes on different roles. The skits are popular for having elements of comedy and satire.