So many celebrities have been lending their voice about the recent rise in domestic violence most especially with the fact that some of their colleagues are victims.

The actress cum producer and director Omoni Oboli who have been married for close to 17 years took to social media to drop a few words.

Omoni Oboli is one of the celebrities whose marriage has been considered as one of the most successful ‘celebrities marriage’ in Nigerian entertainment industry.

At least, that’s what she shows to the world even though in the real sense, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect marriage’ and many of our celebrities are fond of showing a happy face in front of the camera while suffering in silence.

In her post she said: “there is no reason to hit a spouse or partner, there is no scenario where it’s excusable. If your spouse is upsetting you at any point and you feel you can’t take it, walk away. A spouse is a spouse not a punching bag! This applies to both men and women…because I heard some women are Mike Tyson wannabes. 

This thing is getting out of hand! Abeg, your spouse did not cause the recession. Don’t transfer aggression! It’s also not ok to have a violent relationship so you can have great makeup sex! One day, that play will lead to someone’s death. Please, I’m begging you, if you are guilty of this, cease!!! Stop it now! While, I’m not an advocate for divorce, Please speak up if you are a victim. Don’t keep quiet to your grave. May God help us all?”

Omoni Oboli write up was on point until she brought in ‘Recession’ into the whole write-up which got us wondering why she would imply recession caused most domestic violence.

What do you think guys?