Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde is one of those, some women look up to when it comes to holding their marriages together. The actress who recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her pilot husband Captain Matthew Ekeinde speaks on the condition a woman should walk away from her marriage.

She said “… I understand that there are some relationships that have more challenges. If there is any form of abuse involved I think they should find their way out quickly but if there is no abuse or any other thing you can hang in. Leaving that I have had good times with my spouse, just be friends that’s what matters most.”

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Talking about the future “You know me very well I don’t talk about future plans because  by God’s grace my life happens very quickly and sometimes I can’t even catch up with myself so it doesn’t make any sense talking about future plans but I guess we all want to be healthy and alive as well.”

Omotola defines beauty  “I think for women beauty is in confidence. If you are a confident woman and understand your self-worth I think you are beautiful. And that’s why sometimes you see some girls that you think visually they are not aesthetically beautiful but any time they walk into a room everybody turn it because of her confidence. So beauty to a woman and even men is knowing yourself well, understanding your body and working with what you have. Most women don’t have everything even I don’t have everything but there are some things that you have.”