Well, we do not know if it is bragging or want of words by Omotola Jalade to tell us that she is parking into a new house without sounding like she is bragging that made her assert that moving from one house to another is hard work and that it become worse when you are moving from a property you own to another one owned by you, ” Moving house has to be the most stressful thing on earth! Especially moving from your house to your house!”


Well Aunty Sexy it is not my business but if you call moving from one house to another stressful what will you call being homeless. A little thank you to God for his mercies will do. Anyway we are glad you made us all your fans feel special with this picture of your big smile telling us all that you miss us all.

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Will never forget to mention those she hailed and gave a special shout out to them your son and fellow actress Rukky Sanda. Happy birthday to My son @iamcaptaine (20th) my amazing producer @estherofafrica (20th) ,my love @rukkysanda phew who have I missed? I love you all and thanks in advance for your well wishes! Talk soon.

Congratulations our influential woman for showing us how we can change our narratives with hard work© Nigeriafilms.com

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