Wow! the intensity of Apostle Suleiman’s scandal is increasing as the  day goes by as this scandal has really shaken the faith of many Christians who have been looking up to him.

The Apostle over the weekend had instructed his members not to pay attention to the scandal going round about him as he was scene in a jolly mood dancing to the lord with his wife of 19 years.

During his sermon he also revealed that God had told him that within twenty four hours the secret would out.

In his words: “ I am not just prophesying to you but myself, in 24 hours, the truth would be exposed, God just told me something that ‘Marine’ would be disgraced publicly.”

This only means that the Apostle was referring to the originator of his scandal ‘Stephanie Otabio’ as Marine.

Well, its less than 24 hours and we are really curious to see how his prophesy unfolds, because many are really confused with the turn of events.