Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis, does not seems to be bothered about the various controversies trailing her personality, ranging from her raunchy dressing to alleged failed marriage, which she has developed thick skin for.

The actress in a recent interview with Hint magazine stated that she is tired of talking about her marriage urging those spreading the news of failed marriage to continue as it means nothing to her.

Recalling how she met her White husband, the actress explained that planning to get married to her husband made her lose lots of friends because she was being perceived to be a prostitute.

Chioma noted that while she was getting married to her husband, she was young and naive but thanked God that everything turned out for good after a while.

“Then, especially in Lagos here, once they see you with a white guy they think you are committing atrocity. God knows I was not into prostitution when I met my husband. I was even young and naive. A lot people distanced themselves from me because they felt I was into prostitution.

“Deep down me, I was asking myself, what about those doing prostitution with black guys, is it not same thing? But along the line, so many of them started coming back to me that I should connect them too, it was kind of crazy and funny. To prove them wrong, I went to my village with husband to do our marriage proper, even my sister who is also married to a Briton came home to do her traditional marriage,” she explained.