The Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria, (WITZAN) Ondo State chapter has revealed that the All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate, Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu will win this Saturday’s governorship election.

The President of WITZAN, Dr Okhue Iboi revealed this after a meeting in Ese Odo area of the state, while pronouncing how proud they are to practice witchcraft as they have the right to practice whatever they want since Nigeria is a secular country

Okhue also showed displeasure at how the society criticizes and rejects them in public but come to reckon with them in secret.

Iboi said; “This week Saturday’s election in Ondo State is going to be hotly contested between APC, AD, PDP, SDP and the candidate of APC will emerge victoriously.

Iboi said: “It is unfortunate that many Nigerians are hypocrites. When they hear witches or read about witches, what comes to their mind is evil or darkness.

“For our own witches group, we are children of light. We are for good.

“Have people forgotten that even in the Bible, there is a story of King Saul who consulted a witch when he was about to go into a battle to enable him know how the battle will go?

“Again people tend to forget that Nigeria is a secular state; Nigeria doesn’t belong to only Christians and Muslims, the nation is for all faiths.”