One of Toronto’s notorious Matharoo sisters was arrested on an international arrest warrant at an airport in Italy on Wednesday.

According to Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, Kiran Matharoo was nabbed as she disembarked a flight at Venice’s Marco Polo Airport. It’s believed the bust was related to alleged s*x-tortion beefs against Kiran and her sister Jyoti in the Nigerian capital of Lagos.

The two selfie-loving socialites were frequent fliers on Instagram, posting their jet-setting antics in a variety of provocative poses. The duo — who grew up in Rexdale and were well-known in the Toronto club scene — have been compared to TV’s notorious Kardashian sisters because of their raunchy antics and penchant for self-promotion.

Last December the well-dressed duo were jailed in Nigeria on allegations of blackmailing wealthy men with raunchy s*x tapes. At one point it was estimated they had allegedly swindled 274 men. One of the alleged victims was oil billionaire Femi Otedola.

The Canadian Kardashians have denied everything. “We are not high-end escorts, it’s all a conspiracy against us,” Kiran said earlier this year. The bombshell arrest comes hot on the heels of a fawning Toronto Life feature on the Matharoos. As they tell the magazine, they’re just enterprising young women who happened to catch the eye of wealthy playboys in Africa and southeast Asia

The result was a king’s ransom in goodies: clothes, travel, jets. But really, the pair told the mag, they were restaurant and fashion consultants. They blame the Real Housewives of Lagos for their trials and tribulations, along with vindictive bloggers who were “envious” of their lifestyles.
According to Toronto Life, the pair have re-embraced their beloved social media, posting photos of their day-to-day lives. And Jyoti said she wants to write a book. “I want to call it How to Meet a Billionaire,” she said. “It would sell out.”