Artistes like Kefee and Timaya’s biography may not be complete without mentioning K-Solo, who was instrumental to their success. However, the music produce is lamenting that they don’t get their due recognition. 

He said “Check out many artistes in Nigeria, most of them have big houses and drive good cars, but these young music producers have nothing. Most of them don’t even have a car.

They have produced major hit songs that have built houses for some of these artistes.” 

He gave instances “The biggest accolade you get as a music producer is accompanying a popular artiste to an event. That is the end of it. In the USA, music producers live like celebrities. How many music producers have gotten an endorsement deal aside from Cobhams and Don Jazzy? We cannot develop the music industry that way. 

OJB produced African Queen and he died without an endorsement deal. There are only a few of us who have other businesses outside of music”, he said.