A South African Lady, Noxolo Mampa is obviously appalled by the way Nigerian young in South Africa threat their girlfriends who practically live off them.

The young lady whose online activities shows that she was once a party animal but has now embrace Jesus Christ blasted young South African ladies who run away from home just to live life on the fast lane with Nigerian boys who she called fraudulent.

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Below is her submitted “I’ve never met an independent woman who dates Nigerians. It’s always these hungry looking, lazy slay Queens who ran away from home to be with some Nigerian drug Lord.

They are always on fleek, nails done, brazillian hair on point and are happy to own an iPhone, they get excited because they use an Uber. They have stupid conversations about who’s boyfriend blows the biggest bill in clubs. They are promised fancy vacations.

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They hardly go back home because they are paper wives (usually married to that fraudster) if they do come back home they claim to be call center agents.

They stay in the flat the whole day and eat take aways everyday, make some scam calls to innocent citizens. They don’t have any businesses or attend any school. They always have money in their bank account but can’t touch it.