Onyeka Onwenu ended up with a N5 million fine instead of the whooping N750 million that the COSON chairman, Chief Tony Okoroji has asked for. 


Initially, the Lagos State High Court has thrown out the case. If you have not been following the tussle between the two legends, the pair had served on the committee for the burial of Christy Essien-Igbokwe in 2011.

There is a twist in the case because the court is ordering Onyeka to pay N5million  as damages for defamation of character to Chief Okoroji. Apart from the money, Onyeka will have to tender a public apology to him that must be published in Vanguard Newspapers. 

An article was published in 2011 that claimed that Chief Okoroji  diverted N3m donated by the Cross Rivers State Government that was donated  towards the final burial of Christy.

The email sent to this effect was alleged to have emanated from Onwenu and sent to other members of the burial committee.

Chief Okoroji had cried that this report was  ‘unjustified, unwarranted, malicious, wicked, reckless and libellous.’