Ooni of Ife has been tagged as a social King, a man who doesn’t just sits at his palace but lend his voice to promote peace and harmony between Nigerian and other countries.

The Ooni was recently in the news when he made mention that God is his father, and Nigerians went gaga saying he shouldn’t mention such as a traditional ruler.

He was also attacked by the son of late Fela Kuti, Seun Kuti, who called him out saying the Ooni disgrace himself and the people who look up to him, when he declared God as his father.

This has prompted the Ruler to address the whole issue relating to his previous statement, and this time around, he is not retrieving his statement, as he still claims to be serving God.

In his words: “we are tagged as Idol Worshippers, but truth be told, we are not idol worshipers. Our traditions give all the glory, honor and adoration to the almighty God, which we know as Olodumare.”