Nollywood actress, Opeyemi Ayeiola was one of the most sort after actress years back before she disappeared from the movie industry.

While many were of the opinion that the actress’s career would have been very big right now if she had stayed but Opeyemi doesn’t seem to regret her action.

The actress who is now back to the movie scene has said on different occasions that she doesn’t regret taking a break from her career to take care of her family.

According to the actress, family comes first before anything and the mother of two has no form of regret whatsoever of staying away from her career for some years.

Today, her second son clocked five years and the proud mother took to her page to celebrate him.

She said:  “People ask me all the time,’ Ope why did u sacrifice ur career for family? why did u leave at a time u were hotter than hot?, U could be up there by now, U could be getting most hot deals n endorsements, ur career would have blown supa huge!.

I look at them and always think n say to myself, ‘ignorance’ and ‘petty’. Now I am glad n proud to ans those questions. This is one of the reasons why. Abandoning my career to have lovely, handsome, glorious, blessed, intelligent, world changer boys is why. If given the grace and opportunity I will do same over and over again. My pride, my prince, my joy, my future, my wealth, my endorsement, my primary career, words can’t express how honored and grateful to God I am for the grace to be ur caretaker. As u turn 5 today I celebrate u, I appreciate u, I honor God in ur life. David Oluwasemilore keep soaring on eagles wings and keep making ur creator, dad n mum proud. Happy birthday my 2nd prince, assistance boss mi, davidodo mi, long life and prosperity”

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