The lingering crisis between singer, Oritse Femi and his former manager, Danku (Yusuf Adepitan) is not far from over as Oritse Femi has been on the quiet side strategizing his well mapped out plan which eventually worked out over the weekend at an event.

 The singer and his former manager, Danku have not been having it rosy for a while now since both parties parting ways some months back. They had exchanged various war of word at each other until when they later became calm and fans thought all was well until recently.

Over the weekend at a comedy show, Oritse femi had brought Police to arrest his former manager who never knew what was about to happen to him until the word, ‘You are under arrest’ rang on his ear.

Oritse Femi confirmed that on Sunday, June 26, he arrested his former manager who is currently at Zone 2, police command, Onikan, Lagos.

He further revealed that during the few hours of his arrest, he has been able to recover his car and they are presently working towards how all his money which has been embezzled by Danku over the years would be recovered.

 “Danku is presently at Zone 2, police command, Onikan, Lagos and during few hours of torture by the police, I have been able to recover my car, but we are yet to recover all the money from him. However, we are filling a report to GTBank so they can give us his statement of account so we can have full access to his account and know how I can withdraw all the money from him,” Oritsefemi said.

“Everyone knows that I have performed at a lot of shows both within and outside Lagos, so he is owing me a lot of money.” The music star further disclosed that, even though all his property has been recovered from Danku, his former manager will still have to sign an undertaking that he would not harm him. “He has a lot of people around him and i do not deal with criminals. He will have to sign an undertaking that he will not take my life because he has been threatening me and i appreciate my life.”