Not too long it was made known to some section of the media that Ghana/Nigeria film director Frank Rajah was shooting a movie that is related to OSAMA BIN LADIN.

Although most of us have not seen the trailer of the movie yet. Some of the still pictures that came out from the set showed that the movie will be one of the best upcoming movies which could leave a mark in the industry like “Somewhere In Africa” movie

Information reaching NigeriaFilms.Com is that the movie which was tagged by some section of the media as Osama Bin Ladin movie has been stolen from the studio of Afra Marley.

In a chat with Afra Marley who is well known in Ghana and beyond for his stout editing. He told us that some few months back he was attacked by armed robbers in the studio where they took almost everything in the studio away together with some of the latest movies he was editing in his studio.

He also added that “the movie that have been tagged Osama Bin Ladin has nothing to do with Osama Bin Ladin”

Talking about the movies that were stolen in his studio, He said that because all the movies are working titles and very confidential to the owners of the movie, he will not be able to give them out.

He lamented that for now, he will not be able to get any of the old movies that he has mastered for any movie producer but has been able to get back up of some few movies too.