Many other matters were discussed during the first ever African Women in Film Forum. Topics included the need for talent managers, the need for a distribution network for movies, which are ideologically sound, and which foster a better image of the female gender and Nigeria as a whole. It was generally acknowledged that the ‘appetite’ for movies, which propagate correct messages is relatively low compared to those movies which just seek to entertain.

Also in consideration was the role of actresses in perpetrating the wrong impression about their gender by their conduct on and off sets. According to Isikaku, “some actresses on location are a nightmare, and their antics are discussed outside those arenas.” Biodun Kupoluyi, publisher of E-247 Magazine also blamed actresses for their sometimes unprofessional “manner of attending to interviews.”

The documentation of the history of Nigerian film as well as the acknowledgment of the efforts of pioneers like Hubert Ogunde in building the entity now called ‘Nollywood’ was proposed. Also discussed were the need to have a unified Nollywood with no factions such as Yoruba movies, Hausa movies and Igbo movie; the need for Nollywood to partner with charity and human rights organisations for the purpose of research and message streamlining; as well as a need for women in Film to have a professional regulating body.

Many of the participants at the two-day forum had an idea or two they wanted others to take away and run with. Rolake Odetoyinbo, advocated for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS, requested that HIV not be depicted in Nollywood movies as something that can be wished away or cured by visiting pastors or religious places; it should also not be depicted as a punishment for promiscuity.