Gender Equality has been an issue that has lingered for so long as people had different views to the subject matter.

While somewhere of the opinion that women are less superior to men and needs to succumb, some were also of the opinion  that women are equal to men and should be treated the same.

This argument had caused a lot of problem in the past with both sex claiming superiority, but gladly, things had finally calmed down until recently.

Filmmaker, Yomi Black’s Wife had just taken us back to memory lane on gender equality but with a different twist.

For her, women are not even equal to men but are superior to men, as she says it is an insult for women to place as equal to men.

In her words: “I strongly feel it’s an insult to women to say we are equal to men, we are not equal to them, we are newer, revised, upgraded beings, man wasn’t good enough, so a woman was created. Don’t mistake the position we took as helpers as though we are less, we are just humble, period! I Quote.”

This had caused outrage as many Nigerians didn’t share the same view with her, not even her husband, Yomi Black.

Yomi Black who was probably shocked by his wife’s outburst took to the comment sector to write how he felt about the post.

He said: “ I kuku dey here dey look, if na man talk dis kin talk…internet go shut down.”

Do you agree with her?