To social upstarts and those who worship money men as role models, irrespective of the source of their wealth, Bode Oyedepo, the socialite popularly known as Bode De-Way was the quintessential model some years back. His place on the social ladder was further amplified by highflying Fuji musician, K-1 De Ultimate, who dedicated a whole track in his last album eulogising the American returnee’s deep pocket and social prowess. His wife, Bolaji alias Mama Kofoshi (no nonsense woman) was not spared the musical onslaught.

Together, they made a socially ideal couple. Deluded by self-importance and presumed popularity that was further buoyed by other self-seeking musicians who turned his name into a national anthem, the rotund gentleman was deceived into thinking that he was the right candidate for a political office. Trust Nigerians, everywhere he went, the shouts of ‘His Excellency’, and much later, ‘the Senator’ always rend the air. At such times, he would sway and strut, his ego brimming over. He had his eyes on a senatorial seat in Kwara State and spent good money prosecuting his ambition. That was not to be. Fast-thinking political godfathers versed in the art of fleecing naïve, starry-eyed politicians with the promise to land them any elective post saw in De-Way a veritable cash-cow and milked and sulked him to satisfaction. He was hardly even mentioned at the primaries. The Oro, Kwara State native was battered and bruised.

After his unsavoury romance with politics, De-Way decided to hibernate and sequester himself from social circles where he was hitherto a primus inter pares. For a long time, nothing was heard about the former colourful socialite. Time appears to have wiped off the memories of De-way as popularly praise-sung by laudatory musicians of those good old days. In fact, some people said he relocated to his home town where he has a sprawling country home. At present, the news filtering from the hideout of the streetwise businessman is that he and his wife have gone their separate ways. Their well-celebrated marriage has run its full course. Those who know allege that Bolaji decided to walk out of the marriage due to the fact that the rosy days seem to be over. And that there was no likelihood of their return. To underscore their separation, we hear that De-Way’s seed is presently germinating inside the tummy of another lady, putting a final seal on any hope of reconciliation with the woman who used to mean the world to him.