IF the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye of the popularly music group, P-Square, know what is been planned against them by some Naval officers in the rank and file, then they will quickly renounce their strong affinity for wearing camouflage combat attires.

Recently, Trend’tainment was at the Navy village at Ojo in Lagos state and heard some rank and file naval officers discussing among themselves how they would teach P-Square a lesson for always wearing camouflage clothing. They boasted that having dealt with Timaya, their next target is the Okoye twins that sang the popular song, Do Me.

The officers went on to say that they have investigated and found out that P-Square comes to FESTAC Town often and which would serve as a good place to catch and deal with them. It could not be ascertained why the officers, who were savouring their pepper soup and cold beer, would discuss openly their bad belle for the musical group some days after some of their colleagues shamelessly beat up Uzoma Okere, an act that is being condemned worldwide. Well, Trend’tainment advices P-Square to be mindful of what they wear the next time they visit FESTAC as e get as e dey do these Navy people.