Hip Hop wonder twins, P square, are known for their dexterity on the dance floor. Their many hit tracks have fetched them more fans than foes in spite of their involvement in various scandals.

Their popularity was once again demonstrated on Wednesday at the Murtala Mohammed International airport, Lagos. A lot of people milled around the artistes, sought their autographs and hailed them endlessly. While many would complain that the artistes are arrogant, they appreciated the people who came to cheer them.

But really, it was not the twins that caused the most commotion. The bodyguard that was with them was a dreadful sight to behold. He almost stole the show from the twin brothers. Standing at seven feet tall with a chest that would scare even the bravest of men, the bodyguard walked behind the twins like a colossus, protecting them like the mother hen would protect her chicks. Not a few people struggled to catch a glimpse of the bodyguard as he marched like a war lord.