Nollywood actor Kayode Odumosu, known as Pa Kasumu has denied that he has lost his sight due to his protracted ailment. He said that his sight is still good but still needs to visit India again for thorough medical checks and comprehensive treatment.

He also denied abandoning his house in Abeokuta “No, I have not abandoned it. Why will I abandon it? I still live there. I am only in Ibafo here for a while, I will soon go back to my house in Abeokuta, Ogun state.”  He said that he has not been able to go back for comprehensive medical checks and further treatment.

The reason for this is “I have lost my travelling document, and I have been trying to procure another one. If at all I get that now, I don’t have the money to travel. But any time God blesses me, I will surely do that.”