This is one of the reasons many decided to be pagans, it is really sad for one to experience things like this in the house of God.

Many are of the opinion that many are establishing churches for selfish interest instead of receiving a calling from God.

But for a establish ministry like Christ Apostolic church, it is really embarrassing that pastors would turn the house of God into a battle field because of money crisis.

A time like this is when one is forced to believe the popular saying that says ‘Money is the root of all evil.’

The church converged like every other Sunday for a morning service, after a while the peaceful environment became tense, as pastors at the altar began exchanging words and the situation intensified leading to exchange of words and physical confrontations.

According to some of the pastors who spoke out, the issue was about a pastor posted from a CAC branch in Ibadan to Ebute Meta branch in Lagos.

They revealed ever since the man of God stepped into their church, he has been particular about money and position, which they claim to be responsible for the pastor’s unruly behavior to church members and other officials of the church.

However, it was a difference story from the horse’s mouth, as the accused declared that the unpleasant situation was an aftermath of his continuous demands of church officials to present to him the account details of the church before he came in or after he joined the ministry, which was declined.

Shedding more light, he also pointed out that his instruction of none of the official’s spending money without his approval was floated.

The dispute is yet to be resolved as people await decision from the church at Ibadan.