The most entertaining and awe inspiring edition of the Nigerian Idol zonal competition held in the coal city-Enugu penultimate Monday when the enigmatic Charly Boy who happens to be one of the judges did the unthinkable when he charmed a large Python that scared most people away from the audition ground.

Sources present at the event opined that Charly Boy charmed the monster of a python which held the crew and the organizers of the show spellbound.

An eye witness account disclosed that when the Python crawled into the venue of the show from a self contained giant box,the nature expert and lover of wild animals,got everybody on their feet with his continuous romance with the Python.

It was obvious that no one was going to dare this Python.Shivers ran down many people’s spines as the giant snake crawled around the venue.Some were forced to leave the venue,with the fear that it was not only a show.

However,while everybody was at a distance,running for ‘dear’ life,Charly Boy fearlessly romanced reptile bringing up several questions as regards his relationship with snakes.

He never showed any sign of fear while putting his hands in the mouth of the Python,caressing the monster and turning it to a muffler.

Eventually,many concluded that the giant Python may either be a toy or a tame snake.