The make-believe industry in Nigeria is truly now experiencing a big boom, especially with the bar raised by the likes Chineze Anyaene with her film, Ije; Ali Balogun, Tango With Me; Obi Emenloye, The Mirror Boy; Blessing Effiom Egbe, Two Brides And A Baby; and a host of others.

These films have made Nollywood producers sit up and up their games. They have also made other serious movie producers in Nollywood do quality films with good storylines and quality pictures. Attention is now being paid to details as against what we were used to in the past.

What is now left to be experienced is the shift away from storylines that are drama based to the exploration of other story ideas like sci-fiction (Avatar, Mission Impossible, Transformer), detective films like 24, Bourne Supremacy, etc.

Though many believe that the Nigerian society might not welcome such films, as tried with the movie, Kajola, a futuristic movie on Lagos, which was almost going in the direction of the American flick, 2012, but others believe that if producers look into why Kajola didn’t do well, and build on that to come up with a better one, then, such movies could be welcomed by the Nigerian people.

Coming from the success The Mirror Boy made at the cinemas, especially with the nominations and awards the film got, the producer, Obi Emenloye has disclosed to NigeriaFilms.Com about his new movie project.

According to Obi, casts are already on set with another block busting film from him, The Last Flight To Abuja.

The film, as he told NigeriaFilms.Com, would feature Hakeem Kae-Kazim of Hollywood’s season film, 24, Hotel Rwanda, Pirates of the Caribbean; Nollywood’s sultry actress, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Ali Nuhu, amongst other actors.

“It is a reality/fictional story of a plane that got into trouble mid-air. So, it looked at the circumstances that lead to the set of people being on the flight from Lagos to Abuja on a Friday evening and how the crew and the passengers had to pull together to help things out.

It is the first disaster Nollywood movie. We have acquired an aircraft at the Abuja airport where this is going to be shot. We are aiming for the highest level of realism un the movie. We have to keep pushing the boundaries,” Obi, a former footballer, told NigeriaFilms.Com.

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