Abiodun Ayoyinka, popularly known by his comic character in the age long situational comedy, Papa Ajasco and comedy has been the leading cast in the Wale Adenuga led production says having played the role for over twenty years he feels it has become part of his life and is very excited at the fact that it has been touching life positively to the point where if people see him they get him happy, hence the reason why he cannot let it show if he is ill.


“Some people will walk up to me and say ‘let me touch your head sir’ and I will say ‘touch it.

’ They will ask a lot of questions like is it original, is your tummy real and at times they see hair on my head and I tell them I always shave it off because of the role of Papa Ajasco.

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In fact, any time my fans greet me outside, I’m always cheerful, I don’t show it even when I’m sick, or something is happening to me. I will always be there for them.

I always answer them and even up till now the little boy crawling still knows Papa Ajasco.”

He recount the testimony of a woman who was down with stroke stood up and walk as she watching “Papa Ajasco and comedy”,“ Watching Papa Ajasco alone brings families together.

Because I had one experience; there was this woman who was on a wheel chair with partial stroke, to be precise, and she was watching Papa Ajasco with her family and, all of a sudden, while she was laughing and all that, she gradually stood up from the wheel chair. We have had a lot of experiences like that.

We have touched a lot of families like that in Nigeria. Our comedy is not only for laughter but for education too. So you have something to learn in our drama.