When you have a big event to attend and you’re not sure what to do with your hair, there are certain things to ask yourself before you head to the salon. For example:

• What will you wear to the event?

• Do you want to work with your own (real) hair?

• What sort of ‘look’ are you going for or what sort of impression do you want people who see you to get –
sexy dominatrix, fun & flirty babe, glamorous lady?
The possibilities are endless.

• Is this going to be a one-off look or would you keep the hair style for weeks to come?

• Is this a hair style you can create yourself or will you need a hair stylist to get it done?

• How much are you willing to spend on your hair for this event?

Thinking through these questions helps you focus and come up with ideas of the hairstyle you want so that you don’t go to your salon with a blank mind and leave the place with a style that means you’ll RSVP the host of the party with regrets.

To give you a helping hand in coming up with your ideal look, here are some options to consider:

The Sleek Look

This is a great hairstyle if you’re going for the sexy, yet severe look, plus it has the added advantage that you can create it at home yourself. To create this look, your hair must be freshly retouched. Make a deep side-parting on your scalp and brush the sides of your hair back. Hold the hair in place at the back with a narrow hair band (use one that hasn’t got any metal on it).

Twist the hair around the band and tuck the ends in. You should have a bun that resembles that of a ballet dancer. Apply a light hair lotion or serum onto the hair from the front to the back to smoothen fly-aways, and finish off with a little hairspray to keep it all in place.

The Wig

Every woman should have at least one wig in her hair ‘wardrobe’. A wig lets you be a totally different personality from yourself without having to commit to having something ‘crazy’ done to your hair. Many hair-and-beauty supply shops sell wigs. Try several on before choosing the one you pay for. A good wig will be expensive but with proper care, it’ll last years and years so consider it an image investment.

The Colour

Consider dyeing your hair. It needn’t be a full-head of dye. Just having highlights or changing the colour of the front of your hair (especially if you tend to part your hair in front) is enough to take your hair from boring to beautiful.