The incessant kidnapping and death that Nollywood has been riding in this recent times has led to a man of God, Pastor Chris C. Godwin of Fire House Ministries, Lagos talking to God, according to him, and God has revealed the doom that lies ahead for Nollywood and its practitioners.

“Hello my brethren, by the special grace of God, I am Pastor Chris C. Godwin, the president of World Missionary Assistance Nigeria and the Shepherd of Fire House Ministries Lagos. I am writing to the media based on what I have foreseen coming up against the film industry of this our beloved Nation, of which if care is not taken, big calamity will befall this growing industry,” he said.

About what has been revealed to him by God, “the devil is fighting this film industry very well, most of these actors end up behaving and living what they acted in films, which is not suppose to be. After acting a particular film, no film is ordinary, there is a spirit behind every film you act, and every life you expose, every society you expose, every deity you expose.”