Comedian Kenny Blaq has described performing at this year’s Experience Lagos as priceless.

 He said, though he was paid some money, it didn’t matter to him that being able to showcase his talent on such a big stage.

“Performing at The Experience was something special for me because I have been looking forward to being part of it.

I have always been a church boy. I used to see it online, but when I received a call to come perform, I felt excited. I can now proudly say there is no big stage I have never performed on,” he added.

When putting jokes together, he considers things that will make his parents happy.

He explained, “If my parents cannot laugh or listen to a joke and be proud of it, then it is not me.

I was happy seeing men of God laughing because I try as much as possible to pass messages through my jokes. Pastor Paul requested for some of the jokes I did.

When he came backstage, he thanked me for representing the gospel and the kingdom.

“I was paid, but the platform was bigger than money.

If all pastors can encourage talents like Pastor Paul does, a lot of people will come back to the church. People left the church because they felt there was no money there.”