Nigerian on air personality, Daddy Freeze had just defended Malaysia Returnee, Hushpuppi after he was lambasted for putting up a bill of over 11 million naira spent on drinks.

While many were of the opinion that the money would have saved lives and empower few Nigerians into starting up a business.

This had made Freeze cheer him on, saying he should enjoy his money rather than give it out to a church whose pastor who spend it on private jets or hoes.

Well, this appears to be a direct shade to OMF founder, Apostle Suleiman who is currently in a s3x scandal with a Nigerian based singer, Stephanie Otabio.

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He said: “why is everyone on the case of Hushpuppi for allegedly spending lover 11 million on drinks? Are pastors not spending more on hoes?

At least he drink the drink for him belle, if he had given the money to a church, they would have contributed it to buy private jets, he won’t use, build schools, his children won’t attend or create slush funds for hoes he wouldn’t…, my brother enjoy your money na you get am, me I no dey form righteous.”