Nigerian fashion influencer and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani,just stirred the honest nest in marriage matters. The beautiful star designer, in an Instagram post early last week, said that men should be spared the grace to marry ten wives!

According to Toyin, “men have a tendency to cheat in relationships because of their polygamous nature, therefore, every man is entitled to about 10 women.”

Toyin did not spare fellow women in her rather odd marital guidance, as she slammed ‘women who think they can play both the roles of a dad and mum in their kids’ lives,’ saying “to all the i-i-t mums that think a father’s space can ever be replaced by a mother’s space in their kids’ lives, get this ehn? You can never grow ma-ho-d.

“Best believe and start acting right. Even if the father of our kids are dead beats? Ehn? You have to make it work for the future; for the sake of the child who didn’t beg you to be born.”

“Every man is entitled to 10 women. Even pastors cheat. Our world is corrupt. Just make it work for your kids’ sake,” she wrote on her Instagram handle,” she concluded on her post meant to commemorate the last Father’s Day celebration.