It is not as if Whistles loves talking about fights everyday but then what can one do when the little bird keeps whispering that there is one star fighting here or there?

This time, it is the turn of Pasuma Wonder and Saheed Osupa to get into the boxing ring and exchange blows just like Samuel Peters and Klitscho, only that we will not tell you who won, though the bird provided details of the whole fight.

Venue was the residence of Kollington Ayinla, who was celebrating the Nikkai of his daughter and the boxing ring was the stage, where the musicians had been scheduled to perform to the delight of the crowd.

Whistles hear that while on stage, Pasuma was giving the crowd what they wanted, which is good music, and all of a sudden, the boys of Saheed Osupa stormed the stage and demanded that he leave as their oga was around and wanted to perform. And before you could say Jack, exchange of words took place and then the blows started coming.

One does not need a fortune teller to inform that the ceremony was ruined for the lady getting married and her father.

The news even got to King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall (KWAM 1), who was supposed to be at the wedding but did not go at the last minute. And we hear he was angry with his son Pasuma for getting into a fight with Osupa.

What is our own? Well, these two musicians sure have something they are not telling us and if they want to continue fighting, someone should advise them to go look for a better boxing ring.