AGAIN, Pasuma Alabi Wonder proved himself to be the hottest fuji musician among his contemporaries when he not only packed the Options 24/Seven venue of Hip Hop Fuji Nite full, but also dazzled nightcrawlers with his four hours non-stop performance.

Arabambi (II) as he’s now called, arrived the venue as early as 10.00 p.m. and brooking no nonsense, tongue-lashed his band members for not arriving on time. “It’s a new direction we’re moving at, Pasuma is now a brand and discipline is now our watchword,” Matt Ididowo said.

That new direction also includes mediating between warring fuji musicians and offering advice to marketers, promoters and FUMAN leaders. Paso not only thanked his ardent fans for their support and followership, he was especially appreciative of the massive turn-out he had enjoyed in three consecutive shows in the Oluyole city.

“We were at the Gate Carnival, two days later at the Bere-Oje Fest and now, FIBAN/Options Nite and the crowd has been impressive. “It shows how much we are loved. I can assure you that we will not relent in our efforts to give you good music,” Pasuma said.

Expressing disgust with bootleggers who are fond of eating off the sweat of musicians, the Fuji Prince promised to deal with any marketer caught affixing his unauthorised pictures on videos that he hasn’t appeared in. “It has been noticed that some marketers put my pictures, superimposed with a crown on my head, with beads on my neck, on video covers just to deceive my fans, I only need to catch such to vent my anger.

“We work ourselves stiff, it’s only right that we are paid what’s due us. Piracy should be dealt with so that artistes can survive,” the Glo Ambassador said. A twist was however added to the event when RMT scooped that one of the organisers had sold out the recording deal of the Nite for a paltry N150,000.

When an official of the club learned about the under-hand deal, he was livid and threatened to disrupt the show but for quick intervention. “The man must be hungry to have sold the right for 150K. For God’s sake, we are in this show together, how could he have done that without telling me?” he threatened. “I am going to stop the show, I don’t care whatever happens. He must be a fool,” he added.

Although, the man in question heaped praises on the management of Options, another described the praises as “patronising.” In fact, the enraged official cancelled the press briefing that should have been attended by a top officer of a telecom company.

Comedians Shairman and Aderupoko also cracked few jokes to get the stiff audience in the mode for the main event, but the two artistes that succeeded in doing so were David Ayinde (D1), whose rendition of several K1’s songs softened the stiff crowd until Wale Waves finally broke loose the spirit of lethargy.

His version of Prince Adekunle’s “Why Do Me So”, “Ibadan,” which video he’s about to complete, “Alafia” and “Baby Me,” lulled the fans out of trance.