No doubt, Bukola Elemide popularly called ASA has made quite an impressive statement for herself in the entertainment industry home and abroad. With her first album which catapulted her to limelight, the enigma of our time, Asa needs no sorcerer to foretell her future.

Despite all the affluence and wealth she has garnered in the industry, Asa is equally having a share of the price to pay as a celebrity. Firstly, she was rumoured to be having an holy affair with her manager, a mere rumour that has been since debunked by the dread-locks wearing jazzist whose proficiency in handling a guitar is unbeatable by any female artiste the country has ever produced.

While all this rumour nearly abated, another ugly rumnour seems to be emanating and it has to do with paternity issues. We were reliably informed that the man at the helm of affair at the Ikegun based resort popularly called La Campaigne Tropicana; Mr. Wanle Akinboboye a.k.a. is the true father of Asa. Could this be true? When we got wind of this story a few days back, we tried to further press buttons to ascertain the authenticity of the report but no one seems to know about it.

However, our source, who once had a stint with the Icon of culture and Tourism, insists that Mr. Wanle is nothing but the biological father of Asa and that the only thing that can detect this is true a DNA test. How come Mr. Akinboboye who also owns the security outfit called Corporate Guards and Motherland Beckons all on the Island respectively has not identified with his daughter if this story holds any ground? The very close family source said, there is something fishy about the whole thing because Mr. Akinboboye doesn’t want anybody to know the true father of Asa who was said to have been trained by Yinka Davies.

To corroborate this story, Yinka Davies, truly was under Atunda Troupe, one of Akinboboye’s businesses, where she was said to have been instructed by Mr. Wanle Akinboboye to give Asa, his estranged daughter, a serious fundamental trainings of music, an action Yinka was said to have carried out successfully. That, according to our source, actually has a spiritual undertone. We are still investigating further to unravel the mysteries behind this paternity innuendo.