Domestic Violence in marriages is beginning to override the true essence and values of Marriage as there have been series of reports in recent times.

The most unbelievable ones are celebrities who pretend to be the saint in front of the camera and act like they have the perfect home in public but behind the camera lays their pains.

So many celebrities are beginning to wake up from their slumber and walking out from abusive relationships without fears of been talked talked about.

The latest on the list is Patoranking label boss, Foston Utomi who has been accused by his wife, Ajoke for battering her about 20 times and attempted murder three times in 3 years of marriage.

She had spoken out after Foston put up a post implying his wife left him despite how much he loved and invested in the relationship.

In response she said: “In this day my darling husband saw his wife and mother of his child bleeding on the floor but was still hugging and puffing. Swearing on his mother’s life that that was going to be my last day on earth. Swearing that he would “enter Instablog” as the next man who killed his wife. I can’t help but imagine 2 conductors on the street fighting, 2 strangers. When one starts to bleed the other would think “ha make I calm down oh” talkless of beating your defenseless wife who did Nothing to you (or please ask him, what I did, I would love to be able to make sense of this, love to know my offense). He showed no mercy, till said to me that I was going to drown in my blood. He locked all doors, even balconies invade I wanted to jump out! The man I loved striped to his underwear in front of my friend and the abuse went on for hours, he had 2 of his own friends in the house and even they weren’t enough to stop him, he was exchanging blows with them, just to get to me. It was as though he had 5 men inside him, determined to kill me. I escaped only by the grace of God. My friend and I were running on the street with blood on me like this and people wondering what happened to us. And this was just one day. I can write a book on the living hell I lived. And it’s you, who has the guts to bring this to instagram? You are not even worthy of being a role model to your son yet you think you a motivational speaker now?”

We really wonder when some men would learn to respect the women in their lives!