Rudeboy Records artist, Lucy, is creating serious buzz as she is about to hit limelight to create a space for herself in the creative entertainment industry.

The record label boss, Paul Okoye, is sure he never made a wrong choice by signing Lucy to his label as he best describes her as ‘Nigerian Rihanna’ because of her looks.

Lucy has been gracing various interview programmes and of recent, she caused a stare when she went for a radio interview as some parts of her body were struggling to have a reserve space in her outfit which she wore.

Going almost undressed, she seems to be getting all the attention she needs with her raunchy outfits and now she is back again to give her fans more of herself for them to salivate upon as she shared a see-through picture telling fans to ‘anticipate.’

While some fans claim they are yet to even here her give a sneak peek into her style of songs, they still wonder what they should “anticipate” if it will be more raunchy photos.