Nollywood actress, Oge okoye, recently buried her uncle who passed on several weeks back and while in the village, the she was well hosted and given a warm welcome as a true daughter of the land.

In the midst of the tears, the actress explained that she had the best of times while in her village as everything went well will smiles on everyone’s face despite the sorrowful hearts that was weeping for the departed soul.

Oge explained that “the home should be a warm sanctuary from the storms of life for each member of the family” and a haven of love and acceptance “not only children, courting couples but husbands and wives need this security.”

Having had a lot to deal with in recent times, the actress urged people to be careful on how they judge others because they don’t know what each and every person is passion through.

“No one knows what anyone is going through, what issues you’ve got or the different baggage anyone is carrying. Let’s all judge less and love more. Be happy and make good use of yourselves while you can still breathe,” she said.