Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede was really pained to hear that a depressed woman committed suicide by drinking rat poison.

While a lot of people may have taken the news of depression as ‘unAfrican’ or strange, Yvonne has made it clear that it can affect anyone.

Talking about depression, she said “Depression is an ailment we Africans take for granted. We assume when someone cries out for help it is “attention seeking”. We don’t have to wait for someone to take their lives before we know they weren’t joking or seeking attention. People have issues that money or achievements can’t solve, sometimes, it is finding peace.”

She gave instances of how people get depressed “ When you feel you have no reason to live, some people pray to be in your position so that they can at least be grateful. Don’t keep your troubles to yourself, speak to people around you, e.g your guardian, spiritual leaders, older/experienced friends…The human mind is very tender and can be polluted by thought and voices that can drive one to do things another man will never be able to understand. “

The news really broke her heart for her to voice this out. She is not the only one who has spoken about depression, Daddy Freeze has also spoken about this silent killer.