Unlike before, Ankara usage used to be very limited, but as time went on, people started experimenting and coming up with ideas. Ankara was solely used before  for functions where people appears in Uniform.

As it is now, Ankara is now rocked in many occasions, both casually and for occasions.  The fabric is one of the most used materials by many, both young and old.

With the magic fingers we have as fashion designers in the country, they simply make the fabric look exceptional and breathtaking with beautiful styles created, you can practically make any costume with Ankara now, even bags and shoes, isn’t that wonderful?

Here is some Ankara Print put together that you might want to have in your wardrobe for outing, weddings or casual date.

See below: 


ankar67.jpg ankar9.jpg

ankara56.jpg ankara33.jpg

ankara2.jpg ankara-stylMMMME.jpg

ankar90.jpg   ankara567.jpg

 ankara89000.jpg ANKARAAA67888.jpg

ankaraaa.jpg ankaraa.jpg

ankara90.jpg ankara8999.jpg

ankaraayy.jpg ankaras.jpg