Pero Adeniyi, the baby mama of Nigerian singer, Innocent Idibia aka 2Face, has filed a lawsuit against his wife, Annie, and demanded N500 million compensation.

In the suit dated November 10, 2021, Adeniyi’s lawyers referenced the actress remarks on Instagram and a viral audio tape, alleging that 2Face “packed his bags and travelled to the United States to see the woman and his other kids.”

The lawyers described the allegation as a “blatant lie and misrepresentation of facts that portrayed their client as an individual with loose morals.”

According to them, the malicious and libelous publication had subjected Adeniyi and her children to harassment and bullying on social media.

She is now demanding a retraction, a public apology, and N500 million from Annie as damages.

The actress had in October accused 2Face of secretly seeing Adeniyi in the US.

But Annie in a post on Instagram on Saturday expressed regret for her actions and apologised to everybody concerned in the matter.

She wrote: “It’s a brand new chapter for me and would really love to start it on a clean slate. This year has been a lot. Soooo much blessings and pain. My hands are shaking as I type this. I let a lot of people down, especially the people close to me.

“The last 10 weeks have been the worst of my entire life, yes the worst since I was born. I have gone from being so angry to being so broken and back to anger. And then sadly, which I am ashamed to admit – suicidal!

“I have acted so badly in a way I am not proud of, I allowed my emotions to cloud me. I allowed my emotions to lead me into making bad decisions. I allowed my anger and emotions to make me act on something that wasn’t true cos I was kept in dark.”

However, it is still unclear if Annie was responding to Adeniyi’s demand for a public apology or has truly regretted her actions and decided to make amends.