Veteran broadcaster and actor, Sadiq Daba, has supported the Federal Government plans to stop film makers and music video directors from going abroad to shot and prosecute defaulters.

The star of “1960” who is presently battling leukemia was recently asked about the announcement by the Minister of Information, Lai Mohamed, he said it is for the betterment of the future.

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“Government has started making some laws that will be beneficial to the industry, like the other day, I heard the minister saying that if you want to do any production that involves Nigeria you should do it in the country.

“For example, why would you call a show ‘Big Brother Nigeria’ and it is been shot in South Africa? Meanwhile, if you bring it here, people will get jobs there.

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Don’t tell me light does not work. Let’s manage; after all, even in South Africa, they take light. As we complain about PHCN, South Africans complain about their ESCOM. We don’t expect God to come down and help us.

Let’s learn to help ourselves, but Nigerians are so bloody lazy. It is always like, if government cannot do it, then we cannot do it!”©