Nigerian singer and former member of the P-Square group Peter Okoye who is now known shortly as Mr. P is proving to be the king after the breakup with his twin brother.

The singer has dropped hits back to back even when many said he was not talented in singing because Paul did all of the singing in the P-Square days.

Remember that it was reported few days ago that the singer jet out to Abu Dhabi to chill off, well he is really chilling out over there.

Mr. P was spotted hanging out with the 2nd richest artiste in the world Sean Diddy and American singer Cassie at a concert in Abu Dhabi.

Peter who was all joyed to hang out with Diddy and Cassie took to announce to his fans as usual which he said;

“When 2 Business Moguls/Tycoon party together, y’all know it’s Crazy and Lit! We are not Business Men,But We are The Business Meeeeen! #MoneyTeam #ZOOM #BadBoyzForLife#SomethingBiggerComing #2Kings #StoppedExistingAndAmNowLiving #MrPToTheWorld #AllEyesOnPTour #LiveInConcertTonightInAbuDhabi #CirocWithLove #HiltoniaNightClub Legoooo! @diddy & MrP to the World @diddy” Mr. P wrote.

The breakup of the P-Square brothers has made some loyal fans unable to get of the shock, Peter has issued that he will never do business with his brothers any more. So we should not be expecting them anytime.