Making the rounds on social media is a recent photo of popular Nollywood actress, Nkechi blessing which reveals her to be at the home of senator Dino Melaye.

Netizens reacting to the post have surmised that the actress is probably romantically linked with the senator.

Controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlover, who posted the photo, had made clear to their follower that Nkechi Blessing and other Nollywood stars are, at the moment, shooting a film in Abuja and are making use of Dino’s house.

Because they were only using Dino Melaye’s residence for movie production, the blogger advised netizens to avoid giving Nkechi Blessing’s husband Opeyemi excessive blood pressure.

The instagram blogger wrote;

“Hello tueh tueh , I see say this picture full Facebook since yesterday and una Don send am tire, information reaching us at our headquarters be say them go shoot movie for Abuja and Na Dino house them use, make una no give ope high blood pressure ooo. them nor knack ooo Na movie them go do for oga Dino house, if anything come happen after the movie I go let una know, but as for now everywhere good, everywhere pure, no cause for alarm. I come in peace”